Beckett's Women

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Beckett Women


Beckett Women

an evening of shorts

By Samuel Beckett

January 11th - 25th



Reed Performing Arts Building

Diver Studio Theatre

Not I. Footfalls. Come and Go. Quad.

We are in a garden. Damp and dripping. Secrets are revealed and bodies do battle by the light of the moon. 

This collection of Beckett shorts unfolds as an expansion of bodies and a contraction of text. Not I is a monologue for a mouth, Footfalls is a dialogue for feet, Come and Go is a tria-logue about hands, and Quad is a silent stalking of four bodies through the void. Beckett Women attempts to weave these four rarely produced pieces together into one world, drawing out resonances and disruptions as a new way to experience Beckett’s work for women.

Starring some of Portland’s most gifted performers (Cristi Miles, Joann Johnson, Chantal DeGroat and Rose Proctor), Beckett Women will foreground the perspectives of a diverse group of women in relationship to Beckett’s iconic text in an attempt to redefine audiences’ experience of Beckett as a voice for the 21st Century.