Clown Class


clown class with philip cuomo

Clown Intensive Fall 2019

Take a joyful ride discovering your personal clown aesthetic, follow your bliss and reveal yourself through extreme action in creating clown compositions (bits).

This work was developed from a synthesis of the teachings of Jacques Lecoq, my experience as a student of the Cirque Du Soleil clown David Shiner, my efforts in devised collaborations, working with the Viewpoint professionals at PETE and years of observation and practice.

Clowns will execute a daily practice dancing individually in large groups, in a circle with dance moves led by one or two clown in the center of the circle and then in duos and trios. The practice is completed with a clown version of a Viewpoints flow session. We will practice a series of exaggerated stage craft techniques, entrance and exits, take, three seconds etc., establishing a form to continue to practice.

We will mess around with a clown version of mask and counter-mask. The clown needs to turn from one quality to the other dropping into a different point of view one beat to the next. Rhythm and timing are essential for the clown to experience the scope of the clown world, training the clown to move from specific moment to specific moment. The need to execute within the extremity of the clown world stretches the psychological and physical limits of the clown and is applicable to other performance forms.

Week 1

October 13, 2-6pm

October 14, 6-10pm

October 15, 6-10pm

October 16, 6-10pm

Week 2

October 20, 2-6pm

October 21, 6-10pm

October 22, 6-10pm

October 23, 6-10pm


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