Current Students

Current Students




Clifton Holznagel: I've been rolling around onstage since the late nineties and don't plan to stop anytime soon. I began life in Cleveland, Ohio and credit Near West Theatre for my early development as an empathetic human/artist, Pierre Davignon (RIP) at St. Ignatius High School for inspiration in the craft of Acting, and the Ohio University Division of Theatre for developing my attention to voice, body and mind in their BFA program. Shout out to Grandpa and Dad, I'm proud to bring our performance lineage into the 21st century with its third generation.



Myia Johnson is a local actress and improviser. She graduated in 2013 from Pacific Lutheran University with a fancy degree in acting/directing. Here are some accomplishments she wants you to know about: ensemble member at Deep End Theater and the Brody, performed in the 19th Del Close Marathon in New York, and member of the local ensemble for the 2017 Stumptown Improv Festival. She also loves cats, pizza, and glitter. 





Jonathan Lee: With a great interest in iconoclastic forms, Jonathan was a founding member of the guerilla theater company Loose Change Players, led by director Mark Kelty in Columbia, Missouri in the 90’s. With poet Adam Good, he created the ontological performance research collective We Are Science in Washington, DC. He has worked in collaboration with Forum Theatre and Dog and Pony DC, and was a faculty member at Washington Improv Theater. Jonathan is an award winning creative director and writer, most notably helping to create the WWF Together app and the promotional campaign for Fallout 3. Jonathan is currently working on a piece called I Need to Never Not Nothing, a series of durational performances based on the living room and garden of the house where he lives.

He can be reached by hand.



Myriel Meissner is a young director, performer and educator, with a background in children's and dance theatre. She recently received her B.A. in Theatre from Lewis and Clark College, and is now teaching classes at OCT and with New Moon Theatre Productions. As an artist she enjoys to use humour to make witty statements about the sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious ways social and political issues play out in our world. Myriel spent her summer on a Fringe Theatre Tour to Canada and Colorado, where she performed as a shadow puppeteer in Sam Reiter's play Baba Yaga and is thrilled continue her theatre training at ICP.  




Rose Proctor is a performer, illustrator, and native Oregonian. She was a member of the Third Rail Mentorship program and is a graduate of Kenyon College and the National Theater Institute.