All Well


All Well


“All Well”

-message left in an arctic cairn by Lt. John Franklin, leader of the doomed arctic expeditions of the HMS Terror and Erebus, May 28, 1847


photo by Owen Carey

photo by Owen Carey

All Well is a sound-installation that will envelop audiences in the pitch black of an icebound ship, midwinter. All Well will travel through the hidden spaces of the Imago theatre, on a journey inspired by the doomed Franklin Expedition of 1845-48. Directed by Jacob Coleman and featuring an immersive soundscape by PETE’s resident sound designer Mark Valadez, All Well will submerge audiences in the darkness of the lost explorer, far from home. Each performance of All Well is limited to 25 audience members, each of whom experience All Well from the comfort of their own hammock. All Well was produced as a part of Third Rail Rep's Wild Card series and is the second part of PETE’s The Journey Play Is The Whole Thing: A Constellation Of Art Events, Objects and Experience.


This is not a play - this is an experience, one you’re not likely to forget.

-The Oregonian on PETE’s All Well


PETE has done an incredible job of capturing what it must feel like to be lost at sea ... Rocking in your hammock in complete darkness with people on both sides, it’s a very small leap to imagine yourself in the bowels of the ship, effectively blind and in close quarters with your fellow shipmates. It’s intense. Then when it’s over and you are back on solid, non-frozen ground and breathing non-salty air, everything seems a little strange.

-Broadway World on PETE’s All Well



It was a mindfuck...

-Willamette Week on PETE’s All Well

Production Credits:


October 27-Nov 1, 2015

Venue: Imago Theatre


Created and conceived by PETE


Director: Jacob Coleman

photo by Owen Carey

photo by Owen Carey



Paige McKinney

Amber Whitehall

Rebecca Lingafelter*

Cristi Miles*


*Member, Actors' Equity Association


Additional Docents:

Charlotte Markle

Kristina Mast

Gracie Rittenberg

Claire Thomforde-Garner



Soundscape: Mark Valadez

Costume design and Smellscape: Jenny Ampersand

Scenography: Peter Ksander

Lighting design: Miranda K Hardy 


Photography: Owen Carey


Made possible with support from Ronni LaCroute, The Kinsman Foundation, The Jackson Foundation, and The Oregon Cultural Trust.

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