Enter The Night

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Enter The Night


Enter THE NIGHT is a play situated between dreaming and wakefulness, fantasy and reality, myth and life. In a new collaboration with NYC director Alice Reagan, it delves into the substance of home, identity, intimacy, and human resolve in a SUR-realistic world of fancy and verity.  It attempts to capture the complexity of love between three friends by depicting the deep strangeness of human relationships. This true love cannot be reduced to easy categories. As each character deals with their attempts at independence, their failed dreams and their approaching mortality, they experience a fear of not being truly alive—or perhaps it is a fear of living. Enter THE NIGHT challenges our commonly accepted notions of love and confront us with our own responsibility to live.


photo by Owen Carey

photo by Owen Carey

Enter the Night pulses with wonder, beauty and unexpected joy. Though the characters grapple with mortality, they’re motivated as much by love as by fear, and the show swings easily between serious reflection and giddy, generous comedy.

-Willamette Week on PETE’s Enter The Night


I didn’t realize I needed a theater like that until I saw it, a theater that refuses to contrive to make the audience feel superior. And if you think maybe that sort of theater might be appealing, well, Enter the Night is for you.

-Oregon Arts Watch on PETE’s Enter The Night



Fascinatingly provocative... The transitions between the playful and the poignant, the real and the dreamy, and the wildly energetic and the statuesquely still are very artfully orchestrated.

-The Oregonian on PETE’s Enter The Night


The live experience is top notch. Paramount in any PETE show is the moment – what is happening RIGHT NOW.

-Portland Theatre Scene on PETE’s Enter The Night


photo by Owen Carey

photo by Owen Carey


An unpredictably surefooted production- [...] the real pleasure comes not from tracking any meaningful arc, but from parsing the specificities of the performances and guessing at the methods of love’s anodyne.

-Portland Mercury on PETE’s Enter The Night


Production Credits:

January 24 – February 7, 2015

Venue: Shaking The Tree Theatre



Text by Maria Irene Fornes

Director: Alice Reagan



Jacob Coleman

Cristi Miles*

Amber Whitehall


*Member, Actors' Equity Association



Set and costume design: Jenny Ampersand

Lighting design: Jeff Forbes

Sound design: Mark Valadez


Producing Artistic Director: Rebecca Lingafelter


Stage Manager: Sarah Yeakel

Assistant Director: Dana Bacharach


Photography: Owen Carey


Made possible with support from Ronni LaCroute, and The Regional Arts and Culture Council.

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