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photo by Gary Norman

photo by Gary Norman

R3 is a radical re-imagining of Shakespeare’s Richard III as told by the story’s women, engulfed in a nightmare world of power, politics and war. Do monsters exist in humanity? What do our contemporary monsters look like? And who is responsible for their creation? R3 is told from the point of view of the Queens - Elizabeth, Margaret, Lady Anne, The Duchess of York - as they each fight for some shard of power. As furies, these women confront Richard in his nightmare-world, and Richard, the charming performer and master of deceit, delights in making us his accomplices, threatening our very essence as human beings.



A stark, stunning, riveting theatrical experience.

-The Oregonian on PETE’s R3


Together, it all makes a Richard III that seems both familiar and quite new. Which I suppose is the aim of this particular experiment: By disorienting us, it helps us find something very new in an old story.

-Oregon Arts Watch on PETE’s R3


Meticulously realized, gorgeously stylized experience unlike anything else you will (normally) see. A world of possibility. Incredible sustained intensity.

photo by Gary Norman

photo by Gary Norman

-Portland Theatre Scene on PETE’s R3



OPB Video preview of PETE's R3




Production Credits:

January 17 - February 3, 2013

Venue: Headwaters Theatre


Text by William Shakespeare


Director: Gisela Cardenas



Jacob Coleman

Rebecca Lingafelter*

Paige McKinney

Cristi Miles*

Shelley Virginia*

Amber Whitehall


*Member, Actors' Equity Association


Sound design: Mark Valadez

Set design:Peter Ksander

Lighting design Miranda K. Hardy

Costume design: Oana Botez


Stage Manager: Tyler Ryan

Dramaturg: Kate Sanderson Holly

Assistant Director: Devan Wardrop-Saxton

Seamstress: Jamie Meinecke

Photography: Gary Norman


Made possible with support from Ronni LaCroute.