Our Ruined House


Our Ruined House



Spy Vs. Spy meets Electro-Pop dance party

S: I think victory is not getting killed. Not getting blown up.

K: I don’t think that’s called winning. I think that’s called still playing.

Previews June 27-28

Shows June 29-July 13

All shows at 7:30pm

Venue: Reed College Performing Arts Building

Examining the geopolitical through the lens of the interpersonal, Our Ruined House summons a world in which the audience’s perception becomes the principal arbiter of what is ‘true’. Featuring a giant octopus, a tiny meatloaf, and the poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, Our Ruined House investigates a world driven more by the appearance of winning than any central truth. By contrasting the slippery, subjective narratives of both romantic and geopolitical relationships, we point at the sacrifices made in order to ‘win’ in both arenas. What narratives will we create and what secrets will we bury in order to come out on top, in both love and war? What are we willing to ruin on the road to victory?

photo by Owen Carey

photo by Owen Carey

Text: Robert Quillen Camp*

Director: Jacob Coleman*



Rebecca Lingafelter*^

Cristi Miles*^

Amber Whitehall*

Denis Butkus

Andrew Start^


Sound design: Mark Valadez*

Scenic design: Peter Ksander*

Lighting design: Miranda K Hardy*

Costume design: Jenny Ampersand*

Video design: Trevor Sargent

Props design: Maggie Heath

Stage Manager: Kristina Mast*^

Production Manager/Technical Director: Molly Gardner

Assistant Director: Audrey O’Farrell

Assistant Stage Managers: Annabel Cantor & Alixx Spector

Master Electrician: Christopher Stull

Video Technician: Evan Howell

Assistant Sound Designer: Ryan Gamblin

Photography: Owen Carey

Additional performances by: Murri Lazaroff-Babin, Claire Aldridege, Clifton Holznagel, Annabel Cantor, Eve Johnstone, Ryan Gamblin, Mat Larimer, Mark Valadez, Peter Ksander, and Claire Rigsby.

Special thanks to Special thanks to Jim Vadala, Isaac Lamb, Paige McKinney, and Štĕpán Šimek for their help in developing this piece.


Made possible with support from Reed College, Lewis and Clark College, The Oregon Cultural Trust, The Miller Foundation, the Regional Arts and Cultural Council, the Oregon Arts Commission, and The Kinsman Foundation.

Show sponsors: Ronni LaCroute, Harold Goldstein, Carol Streeter, Ellen Walkley and Brian Myers.

*PETE company member

^Member, Actors' Equity Association