PETE's work is not possible without the support of individual donations. Ticket sales and grants make up just a fraction of our total budget. If you value our work, please consider joining our team of donors.

Other Ways to Help

OCT Tax Credit Program

Happily, PETE is now a participating member in the Oregon Cultural Trust’s tax-credit program. This means that if you donate to PETE, you can give a matching donation to the OCT and get the entire amount back as a tax credit- allowing you to support the arts in Oregon for free. More info on the program HERE.



The following people and organizations make our work possible:


Ronni LaCroute, The Regional Arts & Culture Council, The Oregon Arts Commission, The Oregon Cultural Trust, The Miller Foundation, The Kinsman Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, The Multnomah County Cultural Coalition, the Jackson Foundation, Phylis Yes, Ellen Walkley, Molly Vaux, David Vaux, Ken Lewis, Elissa Pirocanac, Paul Sonnenschein, Quinlan Fitzgerald, Robert Lovitz, Martin Muller, Georgia Hussey and Jeff Alden, Linda Mast, Joakim Lord, David Herskovits, Mary Devlin, Pancho Savery, Dinah Dodds, Ellen Bye, Judy Ossello, Stepan Simek, Clint Lindhorst, Christine Heycke, Reed College, Lewis & Clark College, and CoHo Productions.


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A huge thanks to all of the above for supporting PETE's work.